Welcome to Iron Clad Comics! 

We love comics and know their little lives are at risk.  


Ask yourself this:  Why are old comics rare?  

Old anvils aren’t rare.  

Old suits of armor aren’t rare (comparatively speaking).  

But old comics are.

If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s because comics are not made of iron.

Comics require super protection to make their way through time.  

If you love your comics, or plan to sell them one day, you must devote yourself to their protection.

Some of the reasons that comics die of “old age” are chemically complex.   One of the reasons this site exists is to help you understand the basics, and go straight to the solutions. 

picture of Hank Baxter for irnoncladcomics.com

Compared to the value of your comic collection, most protection is a cheap investment, amounting to a few pennies per comic.

Begin with simple methods.  Bag and board your comics.  Protect your comics from the major threats, rodents, water, and air pollution.

For especially valuable individual comics, there are more advanced methods.

Join us and contribute comments to inform others.

Comics depend on us to live long, and hopefully valuable lives.  Their best shield is knowledge.  

About Hank:  Hank Baxter is an comic book fan who set out to discover extreme solutions to protect pulp paper.  Hank began Iron Clad Comics to share his awareness with other comics fans.


                                                                                                                                                                  Hank Baxter