See Any Comic Book Cover!

Imagine a catalog of the cover of every comic book ever printed.

At the Grand Comics Database GCD comic book database you can look up just about every comic book.  If GCD doesn’t have it, upload an image or other information.

GCD is a terrific goldmine of comic book lore and cover images.

Statistics on what CGD contains

  • 6,893 publishers
  • 4,059 brands
  • 2,659 indicia publishers
  • 63,554 series
  • 767,562 issues
  • 13,232 variant issues
  • 164,981 issue indexes
  • 387,494 covers
  • 1,024,306 stories

An international project, The Grand Comics Database (GCD) is the comic book Wikipedia

Fully searchable and sortable, GCD offers writer, artist, inker and other credits, story details, and fascinating data for comic-book readers, fans, collectors, and scholars.
“If we are able to take this project to its ultimate conclusion, the database will contain data for every comic book ever published in every country around the planet.”
The GCD comic book database was started in 1994 by Bob Klein and Tim Stroup.  Jon Ingersoll, Tim Tjarks, and Gene Reed joined soon afterward. The project started as an offshoot of the Amateur Press Association for Indexing (APA-I) mailing group. Originally exchanged on computer disks, when Jon Løvstad of Norway joined up, the Internet became the new portal to GCD, hosted by Jon until October 2009 when the new GCD website went online.
If you want to drool over comics you wish you owned, check out what a dealer is offering and see if it jibes, or just learn from a comprehensive encyclopedia that’s easy to read and to contribute to.

The best part: the GCD comic book database is free, free, free.

“The GCD is strictly a non-profit, non-commercial, fan-based volunteer effort.”  Talk about a comic book fan’s dream come true.  Check it out and enjoy!

More details on GCD here.

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