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Hello! Welcome to ironcladcomics.com!

I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy this website! But to make sure that this website is clean, please follow these rules:

1. Please do not say any bad words or inappropriate things on here. This is vitally important to the being of this website. We will probably have children on this website due to search engines.

2. Please do not post any inappropriate pictures. Again, we will probably have some young people on here.

3. Please be kind! I really want everyone to enjoy this website, and that probably won’t happen if we are being mean to one another. So please, post helpful, happy comments, don’t hurt anyone else’s feelings, and be nice to everyone. (Saying ‘no offense’ doesn’t actually effect anyone’s feelings).

4. Comments are used for discussions, not arguments. Please do not argue in the comments. I think that this pretty much intertwines with number three, but I am going to say it anyways, because some might think differently.


So, in a nutshell, welcome and enjoy!